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Please enter 7 digit T&T telephone number e.g. 2234567

Please enter 7 digit T&T telephone number e.g. 2234567

Please enter 7 digit T&T mobile number e.g. 2234567

Site Location Plotting Guide
  1.  Locate site using the following options:
    1. Zoom to site location
    2. Close the Site Location tab and open the Search tool ( )
  2.  Click on Draw ( )
  3.  Move your pointer on the map and click to draw the boundaries of your site.
  4.  To complete the drawing, click on the first point. If drawn correctly, the area inside will have a yellow overlay.
  5.  If site location is drawn incorrectly, click on the Cancel ( ) Icon and redraw.
  6.  Click on Save Icon ( ). The saved site location will have a red overlay.
  7.  A location sketch should be uploaded for forested areas (See tab 3 - Upload Documents).
  8.  To change site location after saving a drawing, redraw the site location sketch and save.

Please note:- To plot the location with an Android mobile device:
  • Click to plot the first point, then click and hold to plot all subsequent points. To close the plot, click and hold the first point made.
Upload Documents
Note: Max file size = 10MB. Accepted file type = dwg, doc/docx, pdf, jpeg, gif. Number of files: 3 per section. Number of files: 10 for Additional Upload Section.
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For example, photos of site of interest

Complaint Form
Complaint Form
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Site Location Plotting Guide
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